Monday, September 1, 2008

Thr Proof of a New Life!

For my avid readers I'm sorry if I've been quiet for the past days been busy with work, gimmick, love life and many more. Last week I went to San Lazaro Hospital to get my meds replenished and to get a copy of my confirmatory test. So here's the proof that I am an HIV Positive. You will also see there, that I'm reactive on both types Anti-HIV 1 and Anti-HIV 2. Can you imagine the you've been infected by HIV not once but twice! Hahahahaha! Now I can laugh about it but before Man! It was like a meteorite hit me!

Now, to give you update on my life...Mmmmm...I've been busy with work lately alot of thing are coming up and it really needs my full attention I don't want to be specific some people might know me better be safe than sorry! This past few weeks I've going out with my friends. We went to Government Bar in Makati and Bed in Malate and every time I go out I go home like 6 in the morning. I'm hard headed that's why! Gimmick lang ng gimmick I'm thinking I'm Superman and I'm invincible, but I'm not! I also have my own kryptonyte, that's HIV! I just want to have some fun like ordinary people. No, I don't go to those bars because I'm out or effeminate gay I'm very discreet. Most of the people who go there nowadays are people you wouldn't think that they're gay or bi. We'll, go there on Friday and Saturday night and you will see what I mean. Don't worry peeps I go there to have fun I'm not unlike other people who don't care about other people's welfare. If sex in inevitable I use condom. For my lovelife ........ may be soon I'm going to post some update. Am I making sense with what I'm writing? ? ? Sorry I'm just typing what my brain is feeding me so I don't know if there's any sense about it.


Kiks said...

there is some sense, pos. don't worry.

as for the kryptonite thing, i think it is actually an asset.

that i wish not everyone wants to have.

E said...

PAKAWALA KA!!! Joke! Peace hehehehehehehehe

Nako..our certificate of recognition look the same...duda na tuloy ako sa strain ko..oh well, so what if it's 1 and 2...same shit-its still HIV hahahahaha gagaling ba tayo pag strain 1 lang?!

streetstopper said...

dyingYOUNG and me used to call that piece of paper as lifetime achievement award.

you take care man!

and hey, doing workout is great for positives!

Dhon said...

i admire your positivism!
BTW, i linked your site with mine!


Summer said...

i admire your positivism...

HIVPOS27 said...

Thanks to all your support!