Sunday, September 7, 2008

Emotional Breakfast!

It was a boring Sunday for me! I woke up early around 7 AM I have meeting to attend at exactly 8:30 in the morning and I don't want to be late. I took a shower, grab a t-shirt, a pair of checkered shorts and havaianas slippers. That's my Sunday attire! After that I went straight to my car drove to the nearest Mcdonalds since it's just 8 o'clock I still have 15 to 20 minutes to spare to eat breakfast. I ordered 1 Longganisa meal and large iced tea for dine in, I sat in one of the tables there and enjoy my breakfast. Then it dawned on me "I'm ALONE in this world". Yes, I almost have everything but it's not enough. There are some things that money can't buy. Love, Caring, Understanding are some of the things that we cannot purchase in any shops or department stores.
Why am I emoting? For heaven sake the day is just starting and I'm feeling depress already. Well this is part of the human cycle, your not happy everyday. Once in awhile you feel depress and alone. That's hard especially in my case I'm one of the chosen few who have this "Super Power" (Being Positive). I'm not getting any younger and I want someone to be by my side in this situation. When am I going to meet you? How long will I wait? Will you be there for me if I tell you my real status in life? Will you accept me for what I am and not because of what I have? Will I still find you? These are the questions that's running on my mind when I was eating my breakfast. Then I looked at my watch it's already 8:20 AM time to go to the office. I arrived in my office at exactly 8:30 AM we started the meeting and adjourned around 10:30 AM.


E said...

H we all have those moments but I have to hand it to you...sobrang cheezy mo LOLZ!!!

Tristan Tan said...

cheer up! *hugs*hugs*hugs* ;)

HIVPOS27 said...

Hindi naman E dumating lang yung emoting moments! Thanks Tristan Tan :-)

Jake Tornado said...

Naks! Darating din yun dude. Antay ka lang. I still believe each of us has a unique soul-mate given by God and specifically made for us. Custom-tailored kumbaga hehe.

Carpe diem!

Anonymous said...

Napadpad lang ako, H.

Sabi nga ni jake, darating din siya. Ang pinakamahirap lang na bahagi ng buhay ay ang paghihintay sa taong kukumpleto sa atin.

Bawal magpuyat. :)


hi there H...

depression will always be a state of mind.... with that learn how to condition yourself.

with regard to that someone who will love you because of you and not because of what you have? just pray he will just be around in perfect time....

im praying for you always and so with the others that i have encountered.... may you and the rest have more strength...sleep early take long rests and think about happiness....god loves you.

ArchieMD said...

when i was depressed... literally and figuratively alone... and at my lowest... i only do one thing.

I sing all the songs of Barry Manilow while in the park, walking to the gym, or at night when I kept on thinking of what happened.

I love eating alone... it's fun. You get to enjoy what you are eating instead of being bothered by the people around you.

Cher up dude, cher up! Let's grab coffee one time. Ok?

HIVPOS27 said...

Wow ArchieMD Barry Manilow huh?! If ever I'm kinda sentimental and I will hear his songs fuck! I think I'll commit suicide na! Hehehehhe! Thanks for the advice!

Anonymous said...

Good Greetings,

You can call me Mark. I have just been tested negative using SureEasy Rapid Test, and currently on my way to get my confirmatory tests if ever I am really negative. At the least I am really nervous,not to mention the fact that I just want to collapse. But I realized there's no point in thinking and being overwhelmed by the either fact of its existence or not. My mindset was if I am negative then thank God. If I am positive then comply with the treatment. I guess with modern medication nowadays, specifically, antiretro virals, prognosis is very good. It prolongs life up to 32 years, and I guess at least i can fulfill my lifelong dreams by then. TO ALL THE HIV POSITIVES (MAYBE I MUST INCLUDE MYSELF SOMEHOW) WE ALL ROCK!!!

And wait I have read about an article, it's a good option to read about it. There have been studies conducted about ELITE SUPPRESSORS. To give all of the readers of this blog a tidbit of it. Let me be privileged to do it. A couple have been positively infected by HIV. Initially, it was just the husband who had been infected, directly related to his use of illegal drugs. By then his wife not knowing he was infected, contacted the disease for about 10 years time. It was amazing that or that time duration the woman did not manifest any symptoms of the infection. The study revealed that the virus stain of the woman had been weakened via an intricate immune response predominantly alien to the scientific field. What is astonishing was the fact that the virus and its virions have been actively withhold from replicating. This case has been undergoing extensive studies to possible vaccination, or further cure.

And I did copy a text from one of the abstracts that I have read...Which I guess we must keep in mind.

Mindfulness meditation is the practice of bringing an open and receptive awareness of the present moment to experiences, avoiding thinking of the past or worrying about the future. It is thought to reduce stress and improve health outcomes in a variety of patient populations.

"This study provides the first indication that mindfulness meditation stress-management training can have a direct impact on slowing HIV disease progression," said lead study author David Creswell, a research scientist at the Cousins Center for Psychoneuroimmunology at UCLA. "The mindfulness program is a group-based and low-cost treatment, and if this initial finding is replicated in larger samples, it's possible that such training can be used as a powerful complementary treatment for HIV disease, alongside medications."


P.S. And to you Mr. HIVPOS27 I did read one of your blogs about you unreachable stars. C'mon. NOTHING CAN'T STOP US FROM REACHING OUR DREAMS NOT EVEN HIV. I KNOW I CAN.