Friday, August 15, 2008

To transfer or not to transfer? That's the question!

Today I read the incredible story of Pinoy Poz on his blog it's about his decision to transfer in RITM. After reading his entry I started to think. If I'm going to transfer to RITM it will be cheaper and cost efficient for me since I'm from down South and RITM is nearer compared to San Lazaro Hospital. Right now I'm weighting my options. If I go to RITM it means that I have to start from scratch meaning I will undergo battery of test and I don't know how will I tell them that I was a client of SLH and I want to transfer there in RITM. If I decided to transfer, how will I tell my doctor in San Lazaro that I will be transferring to RITM? Will they get hurt? Will they get offended? I don't know, right now I'm confused.

After reading Pinoy Poz blog I talked to my friend who's recently been detected positive of HIV. They also went to RITM this week and he confirmed that the facilities and rooms are way better than San Lazaro Hospital H4 Pavillion, in fact he even told me that if ever I need to be confined there I will be placed in a private and airconditioned room. Yes, you heard it right! A private airconditioned room awaits you in RITM just in case you need confinement. Less people meaning less being recognized by someone you know! Unlike in H4 Pavillion in San Lazaro you have to passed by alot of Departments especially the Tuberculosis Building it's like it is a requirement for you to parade first to the TB building before you can get to H4 Pavillion. When I was confined there, Oh my God! I have to endure 2 weeks of mosquito biting, staying in ward with fellow male patients. The No. 1 advice of the doctor, don't be depressed, it will decrease your CD4! How can I not be depressed if you see other people suffering and how life is treating you on those four corners of that room. If only walls could feel the pain and suffering of those people whom he have witness I'm sure he will be depressed too!

That's why I'm going to talk to my parent's about my option and will see what are they going to say about it! I'd also like to solicit any advice that you can give. Should I transfer in RITM or should I stay in H4 Pavillion in San Lazaro Hospital?


sanity said...

Hey dude just my 10 cents worth, location is everything in your case u r living down south of manila by all means u shud transfer to RITM. Doctors r professional if u tell them all ur concerns i.e, cheaper trsnpo, anonimity etc, I'm sure they will understand and will not be offended. As for starting from scratch probably RITM will spare u if not all some of the test required. After all its for ur own sake. Bottom line is u shud be where u most feel comfortable with. Good luck God bless and praying for quick recovery.

sanity said...

btw where have u been, been visiting ur blog everyday to check new post. But I'm glad ur back, u have very interesting and informative blog. Keep it up

Kiks said...

go where it is nearer. and better.

for us HIV+ people, we go for what will give us the best health care.

travelling around manila, i heard, is more expensive than buying a HK-Manila-HK ticket from Cebu Pacific.

I will be in Manila this September-October. Hope to see you.

Anonymous said...

Hi H,

Pros and Cons of transferring to RITM

1. Easy accessibility
2. Privacy
3. Protocol in HIV treatment is the same as San Lazaro
4. ARV, Lab tests, counselling: All Free
5. You can get all your records from San Lazaro, it's your right to have your own copy. I don't think San Lazaro people will get offended.
6. Not so much patients
7. You don't start from scratch. Your treatment will be based on your previous records. Continuity of care is guaranteed.
8. Better facilities
9. You can easily go to Festival mall or alabang town center for shopping and eating out after going to RITM (A BIG PLUS!)

1. I can't think of anything

Hope this helps you 8-)


Anonymous said...

transfer, just tell your doctor. its ok. ask him also to furnish you with all the laboratories they did on you so ritm wont have to repeat it. also, you could ask your doctor to make a medical abstract of your case. all's good. good luck


E said...

Don't transfer! I don't want to see you at RITM! Joke!!! HAHAHAHAHA Now that I gave you the royal tour sa RITM I hope you make the wise decision and transfer :-) Tignan mo nga naman yan, nakalibre pa tayo ng pambara at panulak hehehehe

yffar said...

just do what's best for you.. :P

PinoyPoz said...

Hey, thanks for reading through my blog. I just say things as they are. Your reasons may be different from mine, but still the choice is there. The doctors at RITM will have no problem with the possibility of transferring from SLH. I told them I did. They just understood my concerns.

The RITM is not in a competition with SLH, but rather, both, I'm sure, are concerned with our well-being. The difference may lie in the protocol and approach to treatment. It just came as a surprise to me that Viral Load, Hepa Screening, Urinalysis, Fecalysis and Genotyping were standard tests at RITM, and not to mention, free.

Just do what suits you...

Amir Bun Qi said...

Hello. I am a poz. I just found out this month. I am not happy but I am not proud. No Regrets.

By the way, what is RITM po? May schedule ako end of this month follow up result ko with MSHC pinadala daw kc nila sa San Lazaro ung blood ko to validate..

Help po, I need all the information I can get with my condition. I still want to live a normal life