Thursday, July 31, 2008

My visit to H4

First of all let me thank E for coming with me sa San Lazaro and spending almost his entire day with me going in different places of Manila and Makati area.

Yesterday I called E and told him that I am going to San Lazaro to get my meds (ARV) and make a follow up on my CD4 test that is scheduled on Aug. 14. Thursday is the scheduled day for all HIV/ AIDS wherein all the doctors there are present for consultation or if your going to ask for meds like in my case prescription for my ARV, if your feeling sick or feeling something you can consult them on that day. Thursday also serves as a small reunion or gathering for all HIV Positives or we call ourselves PUSIT. Sometimes some NGO go there and conduct lectures. On that day also most of the time you will see NEW and Younger Faces of an HIV carrier.

I asked E if he wants to go with me and without any hesitation E said yes. He texted me last night and asked a favor if I can give him a wake up call at around 6:30 AM and I replied Sure and then I slept.

I woke up at exactly 6:30 AM, I got my phone and made a call to E. I said it's 6:30 and he said yes he's already awake. Then I went to the shower and dress up. I left our house around 7:30 AM when I entered the South Expressway I texted E and told him that I already entered South Super Highway. Eventually I reached Alabang and we met at the Northgate of Filinvest.

He went inside my car and I politely introduced myself. Then while I was driving we talk about some stuff about my life, things that I do, being HIV positive almost everything under the sun. We also talked about his life and indeed it colorfull.

Eventually we arrived at San Lazaro Hospital I told him not to be afraid. That almost everyone who is inside that building is POSITIVE. We went down to my car and went to the lobby, I said Hi to some of my friends, acquaintances and to the nurses there. I told E to just seat in one of the chairs there while the nurse checks my Vital Signs (Weight: 67.7 Kilos, BP: 120/ 70 and Body Temp: Normal) . The nurse gave me my no. and it was No. 14 and the doctor is not starting yet. I said to myself GOOD LUCK TO ME! I sat beside E and we shared stories again I told him after this I'm going to a friend who's confined in San Lazaro also taking his ARV trial. Most of my friends there asked me, Sino yang kasama mo? (Whisperring) I told them Kaibigan ko! They will have a follow up question: Sigurado ka friend ha hindi boyfriend? I told them: Oo! If I'm on that building I feel different. I can do what I want, I can say what I want, I don't have to pretend that I'm straight and I'm not HIV Positive! On that building I can be ME! Pag nakikita ko ang ibat ibang klase ng tao sa San Lazaro especially sa H4 (This is the name of the building for HIV/ AIDS carrier) I have this mixed feeling. Thankful kasi God blessed me so much that I can afford to buy what I want and what I need unlike others na kailangang kailangan na nila pero wala sila magawa kasi wala silang pera. Kaya nga sabi ko sa sarili ko I will help these people in my own little way. Hindi man ako naka front pero there are alot of ways to help these people. Simula nung naging HIV positive ako I always think of ways on how to make the life of HIV/ AIDS carriers better. I mentioned to E that one of my plans is to have a nice, state of the art and fully equiped building that once you see that building sasabihin mo sa sarili mo: Sana may HIV na lang ako! I know it's kinda weird pero that's my vision. Wherein all people will undergo HIV testing because they know that if ever they are infected they are in good hands and even foreigners will come here in our country to seek help. I know it's a long shot but it's worth a try!

Going back, at last after a no. of hours it was my turn to meet my doctor. I greeted her and

Doctora said: Sino kasama mo? Boyfriend mo?
I replied to her: Doctora, kaibigan ko po sya. Nagma magandang loob lang po ako.
Doctora said: Asus! Carlo behave ka ha!
I replied again: Doc positive din po yata sya.
Doctora: Yata?
I said: Opo, di pa confirm kasi nagpa rapid test sya lumabas positive tapos for confirmatory na lumabas kahapon ELISA test nya POSITIVE daw ulit may isa pang test na hinihintay para lumabas na yung CERTIFICATE of ACCOMPLISHMENT na POSITIVE na siya.
Doctora: Aok, akala ko pa naman bf mo.
I said: Doc naman alam nyo naman ako mabait na bata!

Doctora told me that my CD4 scheduled for Aug.14 is cancelled since there is no reagent available and they still don't know when are they going to resume it. They will just advise me as soon as they have it already. I just asked doctora for prescription for my ARV so that I can get in in the pharmacy and she gladly gave it to me.

After that we went to my friend Duaine (He is the guy taking ARV trial). E and I visited him. I introduced E to Duaine. I saw the nurses assigned there and they are the same nursed assigned when I was confined last January sa we know each other I said Hi to them and asked how are they. The three of us sat at the lobby and shared stories, I asked how is he doing and where is his bf? He said that he's ok and that he's bf left because they fought again for the nth time.

Duaine is a nice person he was detected last year but unfortunatelly he didn't take it seriously that's why when he got the courage to get his CD4 test last month he was surprised that it was very low 112. This is low since the doctors are advising patients that once there cd4 went down to 350 they recommend to the patient to take ARV. That's why he is on ARV trial for 2 weeks and today was just his 3rd day. He thank us for visiting him. He said that he was so bored and that the only thing he does is to EMOTE about his life. I talked to him and gave him some inputs based on my experience and told him that it will agravate his condition if he will become depressed. I told him that he is not alone, that there are alot of people who takes care of him like his bf who inspite the fact that he knows that he is positive he still accepted him and loved him more. He smiled and said that I'm right.

Well there's a great feeling of accomplishment if you help other people even in small ways!


E, thanks again for coming with me!


Mico Lauron said...

Was here... moved... speechless..

Yffar said...


until now di pa rin ako makarecover sa pagbabasa ng blog na toh...

can we meet one day??

if ok lang...

Anonymous said...

hopefully one will adhere the confidentiality of our status, codes, etc for your sake n other pusit said...

im so happy that u can always see the light or makes me cry:( at the same time,it gaves me strenght to have hope...

Anonymous said...

My bayad b iyong cd4 count at viral load? Ano p dapat barayan sa san lazaro h4. Pls. Reply.

Anonymous said...

Pls. Pakisagot nman.