Thursday, July 24, 2008

Letter from a reader.. Thank You!

I received this letter from my email. To you my "friend" allow me to share your letter to me. While I was reading this letter the song "Moon River" was playing and I got emotional. Hehehehe. Well I think it's ok atleast I know I'm still a human being. Thank you for sending me this letter and YES it made me smile!
Before I start this long long way way long letter, I hope that it wouldn’t take a lot of your busy time in reading it. My morning ritual is always browsing the blog of Misterhubs (it’s just like a newspaper or a coffee, you can’t live without savoring its essence) then I stumble to the blog of Chronicles E (and even though I don’t know the guy, I’m happy for him that he has found the light in recovering his life back) and then I came across to your blog. After reading your story, I have been touched with your blog. I salute not only on your courage but also on your perseverance to inform and to teach people about your experiences. You have a GOOD HEART and a GOOD DEED and there are a few people in the world who are like you or who have at least the courage to tell the people about their own experiences.

After reading your blog, it boosted my courage to take a test (the last time that I have my test is May 2007 which is negative). Though I had only a sexual relationship with my partner for one and a half year, I just want to be tested. Your blog has immensely inspired me (… and made me so emotional while working here in the office). I remember a few years ago (in my late teens), I have to go to a government hospital to be tested and I remember the enormous emotion of BEING SCARED. I don’t know how the world would react if they see a glimpse of the secret of a young discreet bisexual guy and/or if I would be HIV +. I was SCARED TO DEATH because my identity would be revealed. After going to the test and waiting it for a week, the test was negative (I went every 6 month for 2 years and I was negative, it was the time where as a young person, you do experiment out of the society’s norm).. I’ve remember while waiting in a room for my results, there were people who were HIV + … I didn’t know how to react, what to say or what to do… but as time would pass by, these people are the STRONGEST and the WISEST People that I’ve met in my life and they do take life in to a higher horizon. I’ve learned from them that (1) even if your not doing anal sex (which I’m not a fan of) you can still contract it (2) that you learn to pick up the pieces and see that there is life after being HIV + and (3) that people who are HIV + are not scary after all in fact they’re the people like what I said earlier who are the strongest and wisest people on Earth.. I got to chat with one of the patient in the room ( even though I was just a kid at that time) and I learn this thing….

“Life is a matter of perspective.
Life is not measured by the number of breaths that you take
But it is measured by the number of moments that take your breathe away”

I know that this quote is easier to be said than done but time will slowly teach the answer to its complexity and the secret it holds on life. I hope that each moment that you do in your life and that each moment that you help other people would not only give you happiness but it would provide you fulfillment. I pray for your everyday well-being and I do support for you GOOD CAUSE. Take care and bro, no matter what people may say about you, IT DOESN’T MAKE YOU LESS THAN A MAN. You are one great person that the society needs right now and that people would appreciate and would be happy to know. Once again take care and Godbless….................................................................................................And I hope that this long long long long super long letter made you smile =)


E said...

Yeah quite a read hivpos27! hehehehehehe I personally would like to thank you for all the information that you gave me...I'm constantly intouch w/ Dr. Malou and she told me there there are alot of people getting tested and that is because of you and the information that you provided. You are a strong and kind person! I hope to be one someday...kudos! ki otsuekte ne!

HIVPOS27 said...

No problem E! Just keep the faith!


HI THERE HIVPOS27 i had all these awareness on the virus when i started doing my advocacy on the issue and i recieve a lot of inputs coming from all over........

im glad i read your blog and am about to read BACK IN THE CLOSET now.

i will be closely reading your blogs in preparation for my advocacy and my plans to have a better place for hiv pos... i too will also have my own test soon....