Thursday, September 10, 2009


I got this from the blog of my good friend Chronicles of E and I'm helping to disseminate this message!

SOCIAL HYGIENE CLINIC has new stocks of BETTER way way way much better HIV rapid tests! I don't where it came from but it is 99% accurate compared to the 85% accuracy of their previous kits. But of course, they would still get serum from you to cross examine and check if you have other S.T.I. (Not the computer school dumbass! STI--formerly known as STD or sexually transmitted disease)

Again, TESTING IS FOR FREE!!! The Rapid test results will take only a couple of minutes (5 minutes maximum!) So this is it folks! Now is the perfect time to get yourself tested. Spread awareness and not the virus!

Here I go again, if you need REAL help and REAL advocacy, you can always shoot BACK IN THE CLOSET (HOE), Green man diary or me an email and we will be more than HAPPY to help out.

Tita Malou of Social Hygiene Clinic is great! she's our mother (fucker) and she's always there to help out. You could also go to RITM look for ate Ana, Ate Ellen or Ate Shola-whatever you do stay FAR away from a humongous faggot name JESSA or a closet fag named RENZ.

Positivism is a good tool to help you out as well, so don't stress too much about it. It is important to know what is going on with our body, the sooner that you know that your positive then the sooner we can do something about it. If you test negative, then your one lucky son of a bitch but that doesn't give you the right not to wear a condom.

Social Hygiene Clinic Manila Health Department,
2nd Floor of 208 Quiricada Street, Sta. Cruz, Manila
Contact Details: For inquiries, call 711-6942 and look for Dra. Diana Mendoza or Ms. Malou Tan, Monday to Friday only from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


The Green Man said...

Hi Buddy,

I am not sure if I am on the list of blogs that you follow, but I have been following you for a while now.

Thank you very much for all the goodness you help bring to this world.

I hope you can visit and follow me @


I hope we get the chance to meet in person :-D

Anonymous said...

does RITM conduct free HIV testing too?

Anonymous said...

i think you forgot to mention this site..

just sharing

spread love not virus

ross posit said...

hi, thank u so much for the post. i have a question, but before that call me ross 23 from makati. i have a problem, coz i have a gonorrhea that been with me for almost a month now. I just wanted to know if theres a place i can go or doctors to have medications with for free or atleast with a lesser cost.